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:: :: What does Blue do? :: ::

Blue Collaborative is a nonprofit film & theater production company. 

We connect arts patrons with independent creators of the highest quality to streamline

and financially support the production of cutting edge projects. 


Our patrons may already have established giving cycles set up with large arts organizations or they could be dipping their toe into arts investment for the first time.

Likewise, our creators might be well established in their profession, looking to supplement their work outside of industry structures, or they might be fresh out of school.

:: :: You wrote, “arts investment.” Do these patrons get a return? :: ::

Yes. But not a financial one.

A patron’s investment enables the creation of socially relevant, surprising, and challenging entertainment that otherwise might not get produced. By investing through Blue Collaborative, our patrons have the option of choosing which projects move forward. This is undeniably a large social responsibility with a significant return in cultural impact.

:: :: What’s the process? :: ::

Select projects. Develop teams. Connect patrons. Produce work.

Blue accepts project proposals primarily for cinematic and theatrical ventures.

After selecting the projects, we add them to our roster and develop the creator’s team. We strive to connect artists with diverse cultural backgrounds and artistic talents from across the country, often resulting in rarely assembled teams. When the project is ready to launch, Blue either finances it independently or pitches the project to patrons in our network.

Once funding is secured, the team moves forward with production.

:: :: Where is Blue now? :: ::

Blue is in its inaugural year. This summer we are producing three projects using this model as a proof of concept. If we’re met with success, you may find many more Blue projects to come.

:: :: Why "Blue?" :: ::

A few different reasons...

It’s simple, streamlined, and reminds me of denim. This is a company that will allow for years of hard work. It's also in the title of three of my favorite films: Blue is the Warmest Color (dir. Abdellatif Kechiche), Bleu (dir. Krzysztof Kieślowski), and Blue Valentine (dir. Derek Cianfrance).

- Ty Molbak


Founder of BC

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