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5 Filmmakers | 5 Playwrights | 5 Short Films

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About ShortCuts

ShortCuts is a film program designed to propel the careers of promising playwrights who want to pursue a career in screenwriting. From assembling teams through distribution, BC will provide the funding, tools, and industry partnerships necessary to fully realize a professional quality short film.

How it Works

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Announce Directors

ShortCuts brings on 5 dynamic filmmakers who want to collaborate with emerging screenwriters. Each director will be announced on our website so writers can view their potential collaborators. 

Submissions Open

Playwrights from around the country are encouraged to submit their short screenplays through our online application.  

Select Screenplays 

Five screenplays are selected for production. Each writer will have the opportunity to discuss potential collaborations with our filmmakers before pairings are set. 


Produce Films

Blue Collaborative assembles production teams and  provides an estimated budget of $5,000 - $10,000 for each film. Our producing team will guide each project from pre-production through post-production .

Distribute Films

Our marketing and distribution team will facilitate submissions for each film to various festivals and online platforms to get the most exposure possible. Additionally, BC will host a screening in New York City for donors, crews, and invited industry contacts.

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:: Who can apply? ::

Playwrights who have not had their writing professionally produced for film or television. Strong consideration is given to writers who have completed or are currently enrolled in university or professional writing programs.

:: What are we looking for? ::

Everything from small, personal narratives to high-octane, immersive films. Shortcuts wants to engage with writers who have a strong personal point of view and understand how their stories might contribute to a larger discourse. 

:: When will submissions open for writers? ::

We are currently building our producing team and hope to open submissions later in 2020. 

Why We Created It

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